With the start of school season, involving your kids on the new schedules and classroom hours might feel a little difficult. However, there are always a few steps to help your children get back on the school season without problems.


1.- If you provide them with their daily schedule, they will be aware of the activities ahead up to the time to go home.

2.- You need to make sure they feel alright before school season starts. Know what’s in their mind, and what are those concern they have.

3.- Go to the school before the season starts to know the new classroom and their teacher. This will bring them comfort on their first day.

4.- Just let them know that is pretty normal to be nervous on the first day. After all, it’s a new experience for them and their new classmates.

5.- They will be happy to know that mom and dad are thinking of them when they are at school. A note will make their day. It can be a funny drawn they like as well.

6.- You can tell them of all the positive things that happen during school season: the new friends, experiences and learning new and interesting stuff.

7.- They need to be aware that if anything comes up during their class day, you will be notified and you’ll be there no matter what.

8.-  You might know some parents in that school already, so you can arrange a dinner with them so your children can start socializing with a future classmate. It’s better to know people on the first day, and if it’s a friend: perfect!

9.- Having new stuff is thrilling! Buy their school materials with them, so they can feel excited about using them for the first time.

10.- Extra-curricular activities are perfect to keep them motivated about school activities, and it’s a great way to meet new friends from different classrooms. Also keep in mind the birthday parties they’re invited so that you can take them.

With help from: Parents.com