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A child’s early years are filled with firsts, and it’s important to know what the most crucial ones of his or her development are and when to expect them. Here is a basic timeline our friends from “INVO” have prepared that explains the timeline and developmental milestones in 3 critical areas of a child’s development.Read More
Oct 4, 2018 3:42:00 PM By P'kolino child developmental stages, Comments Child Development

With the start of school season, involving your kids on the new schedules and classroom hours might feel a little difficult. However, there are always a few steps to help your children get back on the school season without problems.

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Staying motivated is important for children, whether you want them to complete their homework or study for an upcoming test. You can start increasing their motivation by helping them to learn even after the school bell rings. There are many ways to keep your kids motivated to learn, and even the smallest step can make a difference in their education.

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May 28, 2018 9:26:00 AM By P'kolino Comments Child Development Playfully Smart


You may have been too young to remember it, but most children suffer from pain when they're teething. Teething starts around the sixth month, and teeth continue to come in until the child is two or three. Neither you nor your child needs to suffer through the pain of teething. Here are three simple tips to cut down on the pain of teething, so both you and your kid can get some relief.Read More

Babies come with an innate need and ability to suck. They start doing it in the womb where they suck their thumb, and after birth, they know what to do when put on the breast. This reflex is important because it is how they get sustenance and also because it soothes them.

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Apr 30, 2018 3:48:00 PM By P'kolino 0 Comments Child Development

When your little one comes to the world, your first concern is that they are whole and healthy. Over the coming weeks and as they continue to grow, you look out for milestones that indicate that they are growing and developing normally.


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Apr 5, 2018 9:56:00 AM By Andrea Wallis Comments Child Development
Get ready for this St. Patrick's Day enjoying making some crafts with your little ones to save as mementos, decorate their rooms or use as costumes!Read More
Mar 16, 2018 5:28:00 PM By P'kolino St. Patrick's Craft Ideas, Comments Child Development
Wondering whether you should let a furry friend into your home? Read ahead and find out all the incredible benefits pets have for kids!Read More
Mar 8, 2018 3:30:00 PM By P'kolino pets and kids, 0 Comments Child Development
A lot has been written about children's development progress, but what about the milestones of parenthood? Read ahead to find out a few of the moments and experiences all parents face when raising a child!Read More
Mar 1, 2018 4:54:00 PM By P'kolino milestones for parenthood, Comments Child Development
Don't miss this article on baby walking that can help you identify how close is your baby to start walking!Read More
Feb 23, 2018 4:04:00 PM By P'kolino Baby walking, Comments Child Development
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