One of the best things about Christmas is bringing out all those decorations out of storage and putting them up to make the house bright and festive. A popular decoration which also makes an ideal gift is a snow globe. While you can always go to a store and buy one, it is much more fun to make your own.

What you need for a DIY snow globe

The items you need for a DIY snow globe are items that are within easy reach around the home and in craft stores. One is a jar, and this can be almost any kind; pimiento, baby food, and olive jars. Inside the globe, it is best to use plastic or ceramic figurines rather than metallic ones that are prone to rust. You can get figurines at hobby shops and flea markets. You will also need synthetic evergreen tips at flower and garden shops. Other items you will need are;

oil-based enamel paint
clear-dry epoxy
distilled water

How to do it

You can use the paint to paint the jar lids in a color of your choice. Ideally, this should be one of the colors of the season like red or green. It can also be neutral gold or silver. Then, sand the inside of the lid with the sandpaper until you get a rough, rugged surface. Using clear-dry epoxy, place the figurine on the inside of the lid and leave it until the epoxy is dry so it attaches well.

Next, put water distilled water. Fill it but not all the way to the top. Add some glitter and a dash of glycerin which will ensure that the glitter does not go to the base to fast. Avoid using too much glitter, or it will stick to the base of the jar when you flip it over. Then, screw the lid on tightly. As you do so, take care to ensure that the figure remains in place. If the epoxy is completely dry, the figurine will stay in place. Flip the jar over and back again and watch the snow come down.

Go pro

If you want to get a more professional look, you can use a snow globe instead of a jar. You can find them at hobby shops, DIY outlets, and flea markets. There are snow globes that will even jingle when you shake them. Instead of figurines, you can also use festive props such as pine trees, horses, sleighs and other Christmas ornaments. You can also get a bell harness which you can make with red and black enamel paint and silver beads.

You can go further by painting the base of the snow or water globe in the color of your choice. You can also paint the color of the prop you choose and glue on silver or gold beads and waxed twine if you use a sleigh for props.

Have fun and spread the joy

Doing DIY snow globes is a fun way to pass the time on those chilly winter nights. The items are readily available, and it can be something the family does together.

Handmade and heartfelt

DIY snow globes are also a lovely gift from the heart. Make some them and give them away to the less fortunate. Give them away at a children's orphanage, to those who will spend Christmas in hospitals because they are sick, those who are homeless and will be in shelters or out in the cold. You will be adding color, cheer and hope to whoever you give this gift to this festive season!

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