It is no secret that children break their routines during summer vacation. Staying up late, sleeping in and playing all day can be hard habits to break when the school year rolls around. Here are several back to school tips to help get your child back into his routine.

The best thing you can do is not let them lay around all summer, but give them a small break from their usual routine.

Do Not Dive Right In: Your child has been waiting for summer vacation, and he will resist diving right into schoolwork. The key is to lightly push him back into his routine.

Be Flexible: When you try to create a routine for your child, think of the entire summer and keep an open mind. If you are going to the beach, amusement park or on a family vacation, skip the schoolwork and focus on having fun. Plan a fun activity to celebrate when he is doing well with his work; and let him rest when he is feeling sick of exhausted.

Make It Easy and Fun: You want to start off with easy work at the beginning of the summer, and add more challenging work as time goes by. Use apps, websites and even puzzles to make his work fun.

When those last few weeks of summer arrive, use the following back to school tips to get your child back into his school routine.

Timing Is Everything: Have your child go to bed, wake up and get dressed at the same time every morning. You should also plan morning activities outside to get him used to leaving the house at the same time. Plan breakfast, snacks and lunch around the same time every day.

Encourage Independence: Talk to your child about the tasks he will be responsible for completing on his own, such as organizing his supplies, writing down his assignments and showing you his homework. If your child is younger, have him practice tasks such as writing his name or putting his school supplies away.

Lunch Spot: Designate a spot in your home for backpacks, lunch boxes and jackets. This will help you to prevent last minute searches for these supplies when you should be heading out the door.

Homework Spot: You should also designate a spot for homework time, whether it is the kitchen table or desk. Encourage your child to use this spot when completing worksheets and puzzles during the summer.

Attend Orientations: Be sure to attend the orientation at your child's school, so you can meet with his teachers, principal, counselors and office staff.

After-School Routine: Try to create a schedule that allows you to be home after school, especially during the first few days of school. Otherwise, consider finding a reliable babysitter or after-school program for your child.

Using these back to school tips will help get your child back into his routine. Your child will know what to expect, and he will be ready when the first day of school arrives.