St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and beads, clovers, and green are soon to appear everywhere! To celebrate this day, we've come up with some easy and fun St. Patrick's Day craft ideas for your little ones to enjoy making. These crafts will keep kids busy while boosting their creativities, and also give them mementos to cherish or to use to decorate their rooms.

These are some fun and easy St Patrick's day craft ideas:

1. St. Patrick's Shamrocks!

What you'll need:

- Card Stock Paper or cardboard

- Paintbrushes

- White liquid glue

- P'kolino Finger Paints' green paint

- Small decorations like shells and beads.

Simply paint the shamrocks with the tinted glue using the brushes, then stick your selected decorations. It's that simple, just like making a collage.

2. Glitter playdough

What you'll need:

- One cup of flour

- One cup of water

- A quarter cup of salt

- A tablespoon of oil

- Two tablespoons of cream of tartar

- Two packs of Kool-Aid for each color

- Two tablespoons of each green and gold glitter.

Mix all the ingredients in a pan and then place it over medium heat. As soon as the mixture starts to get thick, put in the glitter. Keep stirring until your mixture starts to form around the spoon you are stirring with. Then, turn off the heat and leave the dough to cool. When it cools, knead it gently. Store your play dough in separate Ziploc bags or airtight containers.

3. Leprechaun Hat

What you'll need:

- Scissors (we recommend kid-friendly)

- White liquid glue or a glue stick

- White paper

- Yellow and green crayons

- P'kolino Colorful Markers

- P'kolino Finger Paint or our Britto Poster Paint

Start by getting the Leprechaun Hat template on your computer and print it out on green paper. You can also print it on white paper and color it green.

Cut out the different shapes that will be needed to make the hat. In the square piece, cut short lines and fold along the line. Cut out a yellow colored band and glue it on the hat. Draw a buckle on it and apply glue on the tab along one end of the rectangle.

Make a cylinder and use glue on the small tabs at the top. Place the circular cut-out on top to make the top of the hat. Cut out star shapes in the big round piece to make the brim of the hat. Apply glue on these pieces. Then, put the cap on top of the rim to securely attach the brim. Then, carefully pick it all up and stick the star-shaped pieces onto the inside of the hat.

4. Coasters

Color your St. Patrick's Day day green with customized coasters!

What you'll need:

- Shelf liners

- Green glitter

- Green felt

- St. Patrick's Day ribbon

- 4x4 cms. cardboard or wood pieces

Take one piece of wood or glue together similarly sized pieces of cardboard. On the bottom, cut a piece of green felt and apply glue to it. Then, cut a piece of ribbon to glue around the edges of the coaster. Apply a layer of glue to the rest of the coaster and put the green glitter on it. Cut a piece of shelf lining and use glue to put it on top of the coaster.

These are just some of the many St. Patrick's Day craft ideas that you can enjoy making with your kids while making new memories to cherish as they grow older!