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Discover our complete line of Nursery Bedding. This Bumperless baby bedding ("bumper-free") with luxurious quality of modern crib bedding is achieved by sewing each piece by hand. Is made in the USA by Liz and Roo.


All our baby bedding and accessories are all made in the USA by Liz and Roo. Manufactured in North Carolina, plus utilize an additional workroom in Liberty, Kentucky.

What's the difference in having your baby bedding made in USA?
That's simple: quality and safety.

The quality of workmanship of our crib bedding is far superior than bedding made overseas. Why? Because our crib bedding pieces are sewn one by one by people who take pride in the art of sewing.

Second, we have hands-on involvement at every step of the manufacturing process, underscoring the quality of our bedding and accessories.

Third, we don't skimp on materials. Our sheets and changing pads have a one inch elastic band and carry a lifetime guarantee. Our sheets won't tear or rip in the corners after washing and our elastic remains as tight as the day you purchase the sheets. Lastly, we buy high quality fabrics and spend the needed time to design products that last.

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