10 Family Activities for the National Parents’ Day

Since this memorable day is celebrated on every year’s fourth Sunday of July, it gives you the possibility to create a great and different plan for the whole family on that weekend. So, in order to help you make this happen, we brought you 10 awesome indoor and outdoor activities.


1. Eat exotic food

This can be a great learning experience for your kids apart from the fact that they might find a new kind of food they love. Also, eating at a Thai or a Peruvian restaurant will give you the delight of stepping out of the routine and enjoying this nice cuisine with the entire family.


2. Visit a Fire Station

Going to the local fire station to have a guided tour it’s a good idea to let your children know about the firefighter's work and to play with the trucks and tools (at least the safest for them) in there.


3. Go to a local sports event

Support your team! It can be on a baseball or a football game, but on these events you will have a blast with all the family, eating hot dogs and cheering for victory.


4. Begin a new hobby

Who said there is no way to have a family hobby? You can plan on starting a new language altogether or take horseback riding lessons.


5. Watch old movies

You can show them the classic movies you like, and it is a great way to create a new bond over a broad topic as films. Some choice can go from the early Disney Films to other cartoons and family movies you liked as a kid.


6. Go on a family hike

Take the whole family to a nearby creek, mountain or any landscape you want to discover together. This can be done by foot or bike, depending on the type of adventure you are going for.

7. Plan a camp weekend

Pack the bags, store the lanterns, check the food and put your adventure shoes on. Take the weekend to go camping with the family, share stories and eat marshmallows. You can get all the resources you need at Ultimate Camp Resource.


8. Volunteer together

Choose a project you might find interesting and volunteer with your family to have a different day and show them helpful values to use in your community.


9. Create a water park in the backyard

Fill the children’s pool, take a big piece of clear plastic, prepare the liquid soap and buy some water balloons. This will be the ultimate fun experience in your house.

10. Be Jackson Pollock

You can take a big canvas, a white wall in your garage on anywhere you like to make a family painting. Just buy some paint cans and, as the famous American painter did, splash the canvas with all the colors.

We hope we helped you -and encourage you- to make some different Parents’ Day activities that you can always share with us through our social media so we can spread the love!

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