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heartA Passion for Better Products for Children and Their Families

P'kolino has created products that are beloved worldwide for their playful style and smart functionality. This innovative line of furnishings, decor and more offers playfully smart solutions for the entire family. We are a fun, happy and creative company that is more like a big family. We LOVE our customers and we work hard every day to ensure we always bring them the very best in children’s furnishing in an eco conscience and environmentally responsible way.

From the very beginning, our Vision has been to become a trusted brand that creates and delivers spaces at home that are fun and functional for families across the world.

Our Mission is to bring the most innovative, unique, playful and engaging furnishing products to families at price points they can enjoy. And... to have as much fun as we can while doing it.

At P’kolino, our Culture is to always do the right thing no matter what! We never stop; we celebrate creativity and efficiency. We stand behind our products and our customers. We make, sell and deliver safe, smartly designed products, and we don’t cut corners. We work to ensure that our process is eco-friendly and our carbon footprint low. We love what we do and we do it with love!

The P’kolino Philosophy of Playfully Smart

Through the insight and passion of our founders, families and designers, P’kolino developed a philosophy to which it could model its product development: “Playfully Smart!”

Playful - designing products that have a fun and engaging style that children are drawn to but that parents can also appreciate for their aesthetic value.

Smart - designing products that have superior functionality to safely support children’s developmental needs and extend the life of the product through multiple uses.

With our philosophy set, P’kolino pushed forward with innovative designs bringing their philosophy into homes around the world.


Our Beginning: The Story P’kolino and How It All Started

Our company was started in 2006, when two dads working towards building a better future for their families, met at Babson College. What started as a causal conversation, between our co-founders J.B. Schneider and Antonio Turco-Rivas, quickly turned into an aha moment! While discussing their business dreams and ideas, the two discovered they shared the same goal: Improve the play at home experience.

A few months and two MBA degrees later, the idea of P’kolino was born! From there J.B. and Antonio began an intensive research and development project with 20+ international design students from the Rhode Island School of Design. This collaboration gave life to the P’kolino Play Table, an award winning and globally recognized children’s play table.

P'kolino Play Table

Over the next few years to follow, J.B. and Antonio built an international network of designers, as well as some homegrown talent, to develop unique and modern high-end furniture products. Our goal was to create children’s furnishings that were not only stylish but also multi functional!

We wanted to offer the world items it had never seen before; items that stood out in the sea of sameness that had taken over the childhood rooms of the time. From creating the world’s best toddler chair, the Little Reader, to the one-of-a-kind Klick desk, we not only grew our product line but also our fan following.

P'kolino Earliest Products


Our Growth: The Milestones and Evolution of P'kolino

As the company and product line grew, P’kolino began to catch the eye of some popular retailers like Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Target. Working in collaboration with the goals of these retailers, we grew our product offerings to include toddler beds, playful storage and toys.

Our new products not only gained media attention but also won several awards and accolades. Our designers created some of the most charismatic and educational wooden toys the market had ever seen. And keeping with our playfully smart philosophy, these new offerings were unique, multi functional and stylish!

P'kolino Toys

As the years passed new and exciting adventures came our way! Some of these adventures include: Partnering with Jovi, a well-loved European art supply company, to bring their products to the US. We created beautiful art supply cases and travel sets that sold all over the US and Canada.

Partnering with world renowned artist Romero Britto to create a line of children’s coloring books, art supplies and puzzles that featured his playful, artistic style.

Partnering with Toys R Us to create a children’s bedroom room collection that would be uniquely theirs. The result was our very popular Safari Collection featuring a playful animal theme.

Following that, we developed a truly unique line of storage we playfully called “Mess Eaters”. This popular collection was sold in Target stores all over the US and Canada, and was so popular we could not keep them in stock!

A few years later, we developed a beautiful nursery collection that could be personalized to suit our customers decor and style! This lead to a partnership with Rooms to Go, where the furniture line grew and expanded.

From toys to art supplies, and from cribs to bunk beds, P’kolino continues grow and change so that we may always offer our customers something unique and one-of-a-kind!

P'kolino Safari Collection


Our Next Chapter: New Offerings, New Goals and an Eco Friendly Mindset

P’kolino is constantly creating new products! Our latest offerings continue what our original goal started, to improve the play at home experience. But now we have expanded that goal to include two more very important objectives: Become more environmentally responsible and offer our products at a price points that families can afford and enjoy.

Our NEWEST furniture collections: Quadra, Curva Rattan, and Casita, are built to achieve these goals! To improve the play at home experience, these unique collections offer families bedroom furniture that is not only playful with creative, house-like structures that fuel childhood imaginations, but also smartly designed to be safe, durable and withstand the daily uses of childhood.

To achieve our eco friendly goals we have improved our process to be more environmentally responsible. From changing how our resources are harvested to how we package and ship, we have lowered our carbon footprint and elevated our use of sustainable resources. While our goal will always be to offer our customers the very best in innovate children’s products, we now do it with an eco-friendly mind set in hopes to preserve what we have for the families of generations to come.

Lastly, to achieve our affordability goals we challenged our designers to cut costs but not quality. Through careful engineering and thoughtful craftsmanship, we were able to lower our expenses and roll the savings over to our customers. Our new collections are priced lower than other eco-friendly options on the market today.

P'kolino Eco Icons

P'kolino Quadra Collection
P'kolino Quadra Collection
P'kolino Curva Rattan Collection
P'kolino Curva Rattan Collection
P'kolino Casita Collection
P'kolino Casita Collection