10 Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

Love is in the air! It’s February, the month of love and friendship, and guess what? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So what a better way to celebrate our love ones than creating some awesome and pretty crafts with your little ones. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing valentine’s crafts for kids:


1. Valentine Love Bugs 

These little Valentine love bugs are super cute and super easy to make. Check out Mom Luck for step by instructions. lovebug

2. Bee Mine Valentine

These little hearts shaped bumblebee crafts are super easy to make, take hardly any time at all, and will even help your child practice their scissor skills. Plus they are super cute! Check out fromabcstoacts‘s blog for step by step instructions.


3. Pom Pom Valentine Craft Monsters

These pom pom valentine monster are so cute with their little heart antennas. These are great for kids to play with at home and easy enough to make in large quantities for classroom valentines. Click on ConsumerCrafts for step by step instructions.


4. Heart Shaped Crayons

These Valentine’s crafts are super easy and super useful. Take a look at MomSpotted‘s blog for step by step instructions.


5. Handprint Love Bug Valentine Craft

These handprint love bug crafts are adorable. Your kids can get super creative and make each of them look different. Click on CraftyMornings‘s blog for step by step instructions.


6. Love Bug Pencil Toppers

Turn this cute craft into a Valentine’s gift for your child to give to their friends. Check out pepper scraps to become an expert at it.

Love-Bug-Pencil-Toppers-for-Valentines-Day (1)

7. Paper Heart Chain

Easy and safe to make, these paper heart chains can be both colorful and fun. Simply cutting paper strips and linking them in a chain is a good way to include every kid into an innovative activity that increases participation and togetherness. Take a look at SheKnows for further instructions.


8. Family Valentine’s Mailbox

 You can make an awesome family love letter mailbox with just an oatmeal container and a wrapping paper tube… It’s really easy! Click on Bless This Mess for further instructions.


9. Crayon Shaving Hearts

This awesome decorative craft uses crayon shavings melted and pressed between wax papers. To add a fun element, you can cut out different shapes of the paper and make a useful and adorable gift item. Click on Sewing Daisies for step by step instructions.


10. Tissue Paper Lantern

So lovely and so simple to make. Click on SheKnows for detailed instructions.


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