11 Activities for Babies 0 to 6 Months Old

Kids at all stages of development are all about fun and games. Such fanfare contributes immensely to the development of these children, and thus parents are advised to initiate play time for their infants.

Parent-infant relationships can also become tighter as a result of partaking in fun and games between both parties.

Psychologists have also proven that games stimulate brain activity in infants thus allowing them to explore and interact with their environment. Different games facilitate the development of specific skills within these babies. These activities include:

Visual Tracking

You can enhance your kid's visual development by moving a doll, or favorite toy across its face while they lie down on their back. The child is likely to follow the movement of the toy or doll with its eyes, developing the ability to track objects.


Your baby speaks the language they hear. Parents should sing or talk to them in varying tones and seek the baby's response. This reaction can be seen from the facial expressions and sounds the child gives back. This way, you'll help the infant develop its language.


Music speaks to the soul. Parents should compose or sing songs and lullabies to their kids. These melodies develop the emotions of these babies in addition to enhancing their listening skills. Such songs come in handy when putting babies to sleep or consoling their tears.


Dancing is considered one of the top activities for 0 - 6 months babies. Play a favorite jam and dance while holding your child close to your chest. This activity is likely to build your child's interest in music while also appealing to their emotional intelligence.


Kids of this age are known to enjoy soft massage sessions. Massages facilitate bonding and body awareness and therefore is one of the best activities for 0 - 6 months babies.


Another great way to build visual and emotional development in infants. Let your kid see a reflection of themselves in a mirror while talking to it. Repeat the exercise with its favorite toys, dolls or even pet!

Sit-up Exercises

One of the best activities as it builds muscle strength and tone. Help the baby lie on a mat and lift it up to a sitting position by pulling gently the hands. However, the baby's neck must be firm and able to support the head before embarking on this exercise.

Follow the leader

This is one of the oldest activities for 0 - 6 months babies. It teaches baby the skills of imitation and memory. When kids grow older, they can enjoy playing this game in groups and have so much fun.


Kids have lots of energy to dispense. Kicking about develops their body awareness, sensory capabilities, and cause-effect actions.


Basket activities develop the grip, grasp and release skills of kid's hands. These motor skills are so important in life. By grabbing the basket severally, babies are also able to develop their hand-eye coordination at an early stage.


Surprise your baby by launching them safely high in the air and catching them as they come down. This activity stimulates adrenaline while also encouraging their body movement.

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