12 Tips For Raising Happy Kids

When it comes to baby care, everybody seems to have their way. And with so many information available, we advise you to follow your instincts and let them guide you through this beautiful process. However, following a few tips will help you in the journey of raising happy kids.

We gathered information from parents to create the following list of tips and tricks guaranteed to make a difference. 12 Tips for raising happy kids:

1. Connect

Connecting with kids gives them a foundation of security. This way children can then interact with confidence with people outside their homes like the neighbors, schoolmates, and friends.

2. Play

Young minds are always soaking up things, and this happens mostly through play. Children's days shouldn't be rigid or too programmed. Kids should have periods of time to play by themselves and with others every day.

3. Practice

In trying to do new things, children can get very frustrated. That is why your patience and willingness to support them is crucial. By doing this, you will help them not to get discouraged and to keep going until they learn that new task.

4. Mastery

Even the smallest things, such as learning to walk or tying their shoelaces for the first time, are done in steps. Whenever children learn to do one step, they are motivated to take next one. Keep teaching them different things and let them try it again and again until they get it right.

5. Recognition

When they do get something right, children need to have their efforts recognized. Doing this gives them the confidence and the motivation to keep going. If their efforts are not recognized, children can develop feelings of inferiority or lose the motivation to do new tasks.

6. Keep up

As they grow up, your kids will become more independent. However, kids are still kids, and there is still a lot they don't know. Keep up with them even when they seem to have it under control or when they say they can handle things alone, especially during the adolescent teen years.

7. Enjoy the moment

Unlike kids, adults are constantly thinking ahead. When you are with your child, make it your purpose to live in the moment, connect and listen to them. Let them know that even if you are busy, your time with them is valuable and is all about them.

8. Get it out of them

Young children can feel strong emotions, but sometimes they might not be able to express them. For instance, they may not be able to say that they are frustrated or angry. So it´s important to help them express what they feel so you can get to the bottom of why and how to resolve it.

9. Be polite

It is drilled into children´s head that they should respect older people, but that should go both ways. Kids are a reflection of their parents. If you say please, thank you, and sorry your child will do the same. Using bad words will never work for raising happy kids. Also, is important to treat people in the grocery store, at school, in the neighborhood and everywhere else with the same courtesy, you will be teaching your child to do the same. 

10. Stay calm

Related to this is staying calm when your child does something that makes you angry. Yelling could elevate the problem. Keep in mind that kids don't have the understanding of an adult, so you should deal with them accordingly. You can speak firmly and warn them against something but try not to yell.

11. To each his own

Each child will have their unique personality and needs to be treated accordingly. Don't compare them to other kids, or expect them to do what the others can do. Each child grows and develops at their pace.

12. Be consistent

Don't change the basic rules in the house. Consistency is a big part of raising happy kids. Don't be rigid but do hold children to a strict routine. Be consistent about your basic house rules and daily routines.

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