5 First Milestones of Parenthood

Milestones of parenthood are these special and exciting events all parents experience in the beautiful journey of raising a child. With no qualifications required to enter parenthood, we all begin this journey without the slightest idea of what we are doing! How many times did you check if your baby was still breathing? The good news is, we've all been there, and you're not alone!

As parents, you know how much these milestones loom in your life. Big or small, life-changing or just touching... it's hard to pick the most exciting one. But we can all agree, becoming a parent is possibly the warmest and most fulfilling feeling of all.

A lot has been written about child development and the stages our babies experience as they grow up. But there is also another side to this story, and it's yours! Every stage is filled with emotions most parents face, so we gathered a list of our favorite milestones of parenthood on each stage. Heads up new parents: All of these things will happen:

Everyone seems-to-have-all-the-answers stage:

Nothing puts more weight on your shoulders than an 8-pound baby. Expectations, nerves, shopping (endless shopping), books, blogs, doctor's appointments, picking colors, getting your nursery ready, your parents and elders sharing their treasured (and sometimes annoying) wisdom, choosing a name, wondering about how your child will look, baby music for the womb… All this is part of the process and the beginning of all...

Newborn to 1st month - "New parents, new world" stage:

Everything about your newborn is extremely new to you, and you've never realized how dangerous the world actually is! Worry meets ignorance at this stage when you are a new parent, and you start to see the world as an entirely different place. You'll discover new things every day that could potentially harm your baby, and a sense of responsibility like nothing you've ever felt before. But relax, it all gets easier.

1 to 3 months - "My baby is a little person" stage:

Interaction and bonding intensify in this stage, and you begin realizing that under all those blankets and diapers, there is actually a little person. Smiles, babbling, and eye contact finally reassure you there is a two-way connection between you and your baby, and it is the most exciting thing in the world!

3 to 7 months - The performer stage:

This is when parents turn themselves in the world's best entertainers for that belly laugh that melts hearts. At this time babies begin having a more avid sense of social interaction and reacting to other people and surroundings. And if he smiles, you know you're doing something right!

7 to 12 months - The Paparazzi mode "On" stage:

"Firsts" intensify during this stage, coming fast and furious: baby stands, pulls to stand, babbling of words, and even their first steps! This is when you turn into your baby's personal paparazzi. You'll have to buy a portable battery charger for your phone because you must always be ready to expect your baby's next "first"!

We hope you had fun! These are only a few of the milestones or special moments you'll go through when raising your little one. And we are sure this list will multiply as years go by and new experiences arrive!

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