5 Reading Tips For Parents

Being a toddler is all about being on the move. Toddlers are easily distracted from activities that require focus and concentration, and most parents struggle to seize opportunities to work on their toddler's language skills.

 Motivating your toddler to engage and develop an interest in language development activities like reading is not an easy task, but it all comes down to keeping things interesting and fun. Here some are fun ways to help your child become a happy and confident reader, try adopting a new tip every week!

5 easy reading tips for parents:

  1. Act on it!

 Toddlers need to move, so don't worry about them running around as you read and instead encourage them to act the story you're telling. This way, you will ensure they listen as they pay attention to their next acting cue.

  1. Become a singer and a poet

 When reading their favorite story, make pauses before ending a sentence and wait for them to finish it. They will feel involved and increase their interest in the story. You can also sing a few phrases and rhymes… a fun game is to make mistakes on purpose to ensure they are paying attention!

  1. Characters and texture are everything

 Choose stories featuring animals or machines, these invite to movement and sound making. Try to use different voices, body movements, and sound effects. On the other hand, books with flaps or different textures are great to keep their hands busy! And books like "Where's Waldo?" where items or characters need to be found, are an excellent way to retain your toddler's attention.

  1. Play their favorites

Don't be afraid to read their favorite stories over and over! Look for books about your toddler's favorite characters, things, animals, or activities. This will extend your child's attention span and build enthusiasm for reading.

  1. Ask questions

While reading your toddler's favorite story, be sure to ask some questions! Ask them about the situations the characters are facing and pay attention to their answers. Keeping your questions open will encourage the children to talk more freely. You will be surprised by how creative toddlers can be!

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