7 Easter DIY & Crafts Ideas

Hippity Hoppity Easter is just around the corner, and these easy DIY project and crafts are a  fun way for you and the kids to have a very good time. Whether you are planning an Easter Egg Hunt party or just want a festive afternoon snack, these crafts will bring your decorations to the next level. To help you, we have compiled a list of 7 Easter DIY and Crafts: 


1. Salt Dough Eggs

These salt dough eggs are bright and colorful. You can hang them anywhere, and it will bring a pop of color to your Easter decorations. Check out Design Mom's blog for step by step instructions. 



2. DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

These recycled Easter bunny vases are perfect for the dinner table on Easter, and super easy to make. Take a look at Weekend Craft's blog for detailed instructions: 



3. Easter Colorful Place Holders:

When we think of Easter, bunnies and little chicks, immediately come to mind. So these Easter placeholders are perfect for the occasion, they are full of color and can be personalized for each and every one of your kids. Learn how to make them, here: Crafts by Amanda.


4. Easter Craft Craziness: Sharpie Eggs

Sharpie eggs! Nothing is more in Easter than egg decorating! It's super easy and super fun. Take a look at Mom.me for complete instructions.


5. DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats:

Eggs with little faces and hats, so cute!! Learn how to make them, here: Flax & Twine


6. Easter Bunny Eggs:

These cute little Easter Bunny Eggs are so charming and easy to make! Click on Little Red Window's blog for step by step instructions. 



7. Bunny Planters From Recycled Milk Cartons

Do your kids like gardening? Well, then this DIY are perfect for them. Super simple and super fun. Learn how to make them, here: 17 Apart.

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