7 Spring Activities for The Whole Family

The spring season can be a magical time for your family. The days are longer, temperatures are rising and you can spot different aspects of nature. There is nothing like spending the afternoon outdoors with the people you love. The following spring activities for your family are sure to get everyone outside and enjoying the season.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: 

Children love to go outside and look for signs of spring, and they love to turn everything into a game. A Nature Scavenger Hunt is a fun activity with a little education on the side. Come up with a list of items you can easily find on a trail, at the park or in your own backyard. The list may include a pinecone, beautiful rock and something green. Do not forget to give your children a paper bag so they can collect the items.



2. Plan a Picnic: 

Why have lunch indoors when it is so beautiful outside? Grab your biggest blanket, favorite snacks and treat your family to a picnic. You can host the picnic at a nearby park or right in your own backyard. You can even plan a few outdoor games such as Frisbee or bean bag toss.


3. Recycled Bottle Bowling: 

Outdoor games are wonderful spring activities for your family, and one game that is at the top of the list is Recycled Bottle Bowling. You are going to use a tennis ball and a set of empty plastic bottles for this game. Paint the bottles white and red to resemble traditional bowling pins. You can even paint the tennis ball to match the pins. Everyone can take turns seeing how many pins they can knock down with the tennis ball. If necessary, fill the bottles with a small amount of water to add a little weight.


4. Pinecone Bird Feeders: 

Plan a family project that is great for the environment: making bird feeders out of pinecones. All you have to do is gather the pinecones, cover each one with peanut butter and suet and roll them in birdseed. Use string or yarn to hang the pinecones from a tree or the porch. This is an activity the entire family can enjoy, and the birds will be grateful!


5. Bean Bag Ladder Toss: 

You do not need to run out and purchase a bean bag toss set to enjoy the game. All you have to do is open a ladder and label each rung with a certain amount of points. You can purchase bean bags from a store, or sew your own if you are feeling crafty. Everyone can take turns tossing a bean bag through the rungs to see how many points they can rack up.


6. Giant Bubbles:

 When planning spring activities for your family, you cannot forget about bubbles! You can find the recipe to make giant bubbles online or in craft books, and most use items such as water, dish soap and Wilton Glycerin. Use a tennis racket or homemade straw wand to blow the bubbles. You can also add in the regular bubble kits, and throw a big bubble party in your backyard!


7. Fly a Kite:

 How can you enjoy the spring season without flying a kite? You can find the kites in stores for less than $10. Gather the family together on a windy day, find a wide open space and fly the kites as high as possible.


There are so many spring activities for your family to enjoy, it will be hard to stay indoors during this season. A few games, crafts and snacks can turn an ordinary spring day into an afternoon of fun.

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