7 Ways To Create Meaningful Family Moments

Birthday parties, holidays, and milestones can create memories for the whole family. Why wait until one of these events occur to create those memories? The best part of a memory is you can create it yourself. You are starting new traditions, strengthening your bond and giving your children something to look back on. Here are several activities that are sure to help you create special family moments.

Start an Afterschool Tradition

Everyone needs a break from the usual routine of school and work. Start an after school tradition that will make children look forward to that school day. You can go to the library every Monday, the park every Wednesday or the ice cream shop every Friday. It gives the entire family a chance to spend time together before heading home to their normal routine.


Go On a Nature Walk

Getting some fresh air is just as important as creating family moments. The results of combining the two? Fun for the whole family! You can make it a weekly or monthly tradition, or go out whenever the weather permits. Take a nature walk through the local park, state park or an arboretum. Hold a conversation with your family, or just take in the surroundings and enjoy their company.


Host a Family Sports Event

Come up with a family event that teaches everyone how to show sportsmanship when winning or losing, playing fair and work as a team. You can host a monthly or seasonal event. Plan a trip to the bowling alley and mini golf course, have a relay race on the playground or try bean bag toss and a three-legged race in the backyard.


Family Dinner

It is important to make family dinners a priority if you want to create meaningful family moments. Let everyone help with cooking, setting the table and cleaning up after dinner. Stash the phones and media players in a drawer until dinner is over. Use this time to catch up with your family and talk about whatever is on your mind.


Start a Garden

You can start a container garden or a garden in the backyard. It is a great way to teach your children about planting and maintaining a garden. Let your children pick out the plants, herbs or produce, such as tulips or strawberries. Your child will love watching the seeds grow into a full garden. If you are planning to grow herbs or produce, let your child help pick them for the kitchen when they are ready. Do not forget to show your children how to keep the garden watered and free of weeds.



Weekly Family Night

Create a weekly family tradition for Friday nights or the weekend. One idea is a Family Movie Night. Alternate between who gets to pick the movie that week. Serve snacks that fit in with the movie, such as marshmallow snowman for the movie "Frozen" or pizza for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Another idea is to hold a Family Game Night, with games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno or even Twister. 


Snuggle Time

There is nothing like ending the night with a little family time. Snuggle up with your child every night to talk about the day or read a bedtime story. You may not realize it now, but your child will remember this special time even when they are older.

Creating meaningful family moments is something your children will take to their adulthood. They will remember those special moments and traditions, and may even use them to create memories with their children. Use these ideas to create moments your family will remember forever.

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