7 Ways to Help Your Kids Establish Good Homework Habits

It is no secret that children are not fond of doing their homework, but it is necessary for learning different topics and developing skills. You can make this a positive learning experience by helping them establish good homework habits.

  • Establish a Routine: 

It is not easy to jump from relaxing all summer to tackling homework every afternoon. The best thing you can do is establish a routine several weeks before school starts. You can start by assigning chores that must be done by certain times of the day throughout the week. It puts your child on a routine outside of playing, and it makes it easier for them to get back into their school schedule.

  • Find a Homework Spot: 

One way to establish good homework habits is to find a spot for them to complete their work. The area should be well-lit and comfortable, but it should also be quiet and free of distractions such as the television, toys, and other people. You may decide to place a small desk in your home office or choose a spot in the dining room. If you have older children, they may be able to complete their homework at the kitchen island or their own bedroom without becoming distracted.

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  • Set a Homework Time: 

Sit down with your child and come up with a good time to work on their homework. Starting on homework shortly after school works with some children, and other children may need an hour or two to unwind before starting on their work. If a designated time does not work with your child, set a rule that they cannot play video games or go outside until they have completed their homework.

  • Let Them Learn Their Way: 

It is important to let your child try things their way, even if they wind up with an incorrect answer. It teaches your child how to try things on their own, as well as learning from their mistakes. Your child may realize they have to try another way, or you may realize that this way works for them. You can think of this step as a way for both of you to learn.

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  • Pay Attention To Their Habits:

 Pay attention to their homework habits and figure out what you need to work on together. Your child may have trouble with certain tasks, or maybe they do not understand the directions. Your child may become easily distracted and may need a better homework spot. Once you pick up on the habits that are disrupting their homework time, you can work with your child or their teacher to fix those problems.

  • Let Them Do It:

 It may be tempting to take over their homework assignments, but you have already learned these topics in school. It is their turn to learn how to read or multiply. It is okay to go over the directions with your child, but let them try it on their own before offering to help. Your child may have the hang of it, and they can always let you know if they need any help with an assignment.

  • Give Positive Feedback: 

When you look over their homework, give positive feedback on the things they are doing right. You want to work with your child instead of criticizing their errors, so you do not discourage them from working on future assignments.

It is important to establish a routine, let your child learn on their own and give plenty of praise. When you take the time to establish good homework habits for your child, you are pointing them on the right path to success.

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