8 Small Ways To Keep Your Kids Motivated

Staying motivated is important for children, whether you want them to complete their homework or study for an upcoming test. You can start increasing their motivation by helping them to learn even after the school bell rings. There are many ways to keep your kids motivated to learn, and even the smallest step can make a difference in their education.

1. Promote Reading: 

Reading is a wonderful hobby that allows your child to step into a whole new world. You can encourage reading by filling your home with books, magazines, newspapers and decor with words on them. The next step is to take turns reading with your child, and as they learn to read more, establish a family reading time. Family reading time can be spent reading one story together, or everyone can read their own book quietly. Let your child choose a book that sparks their interest.

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2. Learn Through Play:

 Children love to learn through play, and different toys and games allow them to explore the world. You want to supply toys that encourage learning and help your child to develop and enhance their skills, such as a set of blocks. Your child may count the number of blocks in the set, or they may use their problem-solving skills as they build a tower. 


3. Discuss Their Lessons:

Instead of asking your child about their test scores and grades, ask them what they have learned in school. Your child can put the lesson into their own words and remember what they learned that day. A younger child may be eager to talk about the counting game they played, while an older child may be excited to talk about the experiment they did in science class.

4. Organize Their Work:

 Work with your child to come up with an organizational system for their school work and homework assignments. Be sure to ask what system works for them rather than taking over the entire process. Your child will feel in control of their assignments if they are using a system that works for them.


5. Check In:

 Check in with your child regularly to make sure they are not feeling overwhelmed or swamped with work. If your child is feeling overloaded or stressed, work with them to come up with a solution so they are motivated to tackle each assignment. 

6. Celebrate The Achievements: 

Celebrate their achievements, no matter how big or small. You may reward your child with an hour of television after working on two pages of math problems, or you may take them out for ice cream once they finish their book report. Offering positive reinforcement whenever they complete a challenge will motivate them to knock the next challenge out of the park. 

7. Focus On Their Strengths: 

Your child may not have gotten a high grade on their math quiz, but they still wrote the best story out of everyone in their English class. Focus on their strengths by giving them a writing journal or hanging the story on the refrigerator, and use a workbook or game to help them practice their math.

8. Share What You Learn: 

Whenever you learn a new recipe, gardening tip or fact about your city, share it with your child. This shows your child that learning is not limited to school work, and there is a whole world of tips and facts to learn. 

There are many ways to keep your child motivated to learn, whether you are helping them to stay organized or encouraging them to share their opinion on a topic. The best part is your kid will see that learning can be an exciting experience.

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