9 Awesome Benefits of Outdoor Play For Children

When it comes to childhood development, outdoor playtime encourages children to be imaginative and curious. Outdoor play remains steadfast as a great way to learn. Children develop certain skills through play, and it’s an essential part of growing up.


1. Exercise and Motor Skills

One of the major benefits of outdoor playing for children is for health reasons. Outdoor play encourages exercise and allows children to help develop motor skills. Most area playgrounds are equipped with play equipment that challenges children physically with the use of play. A child won’t know that climbing up a ladder twenty times to go down the slide is helping his or her cardiovascular system. However, with each step, jump, or climbing activity, each workout is helping the child gain strength and endurance.


2. Real World Discovery

There isn’t a video game that can take the place of real world discovery. Children who play outdoors get to use their senses to help discover what the real world is like. Remember what it was like blowing dandelion and watching the seeds fly? Children like to be active and learn by doing as to observing.


3. Becoming Social

Another great aspect for the benefits of outdoor playing for children, is having the chance to become social with other children. If you take your child to a community playground, chances are your child will run into another child playing. Outdoor play can encourage children to interact with each other and learn how to be social. Learning to take turns on the slide or share the spring rider, can help your toddler become more skilled at team building and working in groups.


4. Imaginary Play

Almost every playground has a theme or at least an area where a child can pretend play. Playing make-believe allows children to use emotions and understand role development. This type of play also involves language skills and provides children the ability to understand different points of view. So, if you feel a bit concerned with your child’s less than accurate reenactment of Snow White, don’t be alarmed.


5. Following Directions

When children play games with rules, it encourages them to process actions. Outdoor play can help by allowing children to make up rules and take a leadership role. It also helps children to follow guidelines. So yes, a child can learn how to be productive by playing a game of Red Rover.


6. Health Reasons

Outdoor play helps children build their immunity. A playground can have some nasty germs. However, early exposure can allow the body to defend itself naturally. Furthermore, exposure to sunshine allows for Vitamin D production. You still want to be cautious regarding sun exposure, but fresh air and bright light can be good.



7. Better Sleep

Children who play outside have a tendency to sleep better. Exercise helps with sleep too, but it’s actually exposure to sunshine that can help a child catch some good dreams. Sunlight stimulates a small endocrine gland known as the pineal gland. This gland helps with the release of melatonin and regulates sleep patterns.


8. Less Anxiety

Children can have stress—albeit different than adults. Outdoor play can reduce anxiety while allowing children to play in an open environment without worry.


9. Nature’s Laboratory

Playing outside lets children observe nature first hand. Observing squirrels playing or bees pollinating can give a child a different view of the world and learn how it works.


Remember, benefits of outdoor playing for children should include fun. Regardless of where you live, make certain that your child has a place to play outside. Not only will it help them develop, but it will also help them create memories too.

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