Cool Ways To Announce You Are Pregnant

Having a new baby on the way is an exciting development, and chances are you'll want to find an equally exciting way to share the news with friends and family. If you're wanting to send photo cards out to announce the pregnancy, here are a few great pregnancy announcement ideas to get you started.

Bun in the oven?

Make this idiom work for you! Take a picture of you and your partner holding a bun, for instance, or snap a shot of a bun in the oven -- literally.

For a simple and classic way to announce your pregnancy, take a picture of your ultrasound, perhaps of it lying in a bassinet, or with the two of you holding it up.

If you don't have a baby bump yet, you can imply it. Some couples have done very cute photos with the shadows Photoshopped to feature a baby bump, or you can draw a baby bump on a chalkboard and pose with it for your announcement photos.

1 + 1 = 3

Use an equation to show the growing size of your family, preferably superimposed over a cute family photo or on a chalkboard that you're holding up together.

If you already have kids, it makes a cute announcement to photograph them holding little signs. If you have one child already, write "only" on the sign, and then cross it out and write "oldest." If you have two, write "oldest" on the first child's sign, and "youngest" crossed out with "middle" replacing it for the second child's sign.

This is a cute idea, especially for a first child: Photograph his and her coffee mugs, with a bottle in the middle for the upcoming addition. If you want to add a due date, you can do that with photo editing software, or by writing it on the bottle with a marker.

Photograph family shoes.

An equally cute way to announce the upcoming addition is to photograph the family's shoes along with a pair of baby shoes. Many people include the punny announcement, "Our family is growing by two feet!"

Photograph laundry.

Hang laundry on the line to represent each member of the family, with a onesie for the new baby.

You know those "Baby on Board" bumper stickers? Take a picture while holding one over your belly for a super cute announcement.

Take a photograph of your youngest child behind bars -- behind the bars of his or her crib, that is -- with an eviction notice posted. Don't forget the date, as this is the perfect way to share your due date in the announcement!

Photograph family chairs.

Arrange a papa chair, a mama chair, and chairs going down in size for any siblings -- including one small chair that's just right for the incoming bundle of joy!


Announce with an earworm.

For a fun announcement that's bound to get the song stuck in everyone's head for the rest of the day, take an "Ice, ice, baby" picture. For instance, the father can hold up two bags of ice with the mother standing next to him, perhaps pointing to her belly or making a heart over it with her hands.

These pregnancy announcement ideas are all very different, but they share one thing in common with one another: They will all convey how excited you are that you're expecting. Choose your favorite from these pregnancy announcement ideas, or come up with another idea of your own!

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