How To Be A Better Role Model For Your Child

You are the first and most important role model your kids will ever see. They are constantly watching to see if you “practice what you preach” and they are using this information to develop their moral code. For better or worse, you are a role model for children. The good news is there are some simple things to do to be a good role model.

Be Honest

Honesty is one of those really important values we want to pass on to our children, yet if we pay attention chances are we will catch ourselves in “little white lies”. Whether it is not calling someone back like you promised or calling out of work because you are “sick,” we have all told a small lie at one time or another. While we can differentiate between a small lie and a big one, our children can’t. That’s why to be a good role model for children; we must be honest.


We have all gotten irritated with our children because they don’t listen, yet we are guilty of doing the same thing. Yes, I know you are busy. I know you’ve likely been listening to someone all day and would like nothing more than a few minutes of silence to relax. Remember to your child watching their favorite TV show means they are busy, so if you want them to listen to you set a good example and listen to them. It may not seem like what they are saying is important to you, but it is important to them.

Follow the Rules

This is another one we are all guilty of. Perhaps you drive over the speed limit, don’t buckle your seatbelt or park in a no parking zone. These things may not seem like a big deal to us, but they will teach our kids it’s ok to break the rules, as long as you don’t get caught. Teaching a child it’s ok to break the rules can begin them down a path that will eventually lead them to have problems with authority figures or in extreme cases even jail. Learning to follow the rules has a huge impact on their lives as children and adults.


Being a good role model for children doesn’t mean you will never make mistakes. It means that when you do you apologize to the person you wronged, even if it is your child. If you were wrong about something or realize that something you did isn’t something you want to see your child do, apologize and acknowledge what you did wrong and why it was wrong as well as saying you are sorry. This is one of the greatest teaching moments we have as parents because we aren’t perfect, and neither are our children. You aren’t just teaching them what to do when they are wrong. You are teaching them that no one is perfect, and that’s ok.

Love Yourself

Loving yourself is important to being a role model for children. You want your child to grow up with a healthy self-image and confidence, right? You as a parent have to model that for your children. Never put yourself, or anyone else for that matter, down in front of your children, and if you don’t have a good self-image do what you need to do to gain self-esteem. Regardless of what your words are, your actions will reflect how you feel about yourself. So, the next time you want a hot bath or a short nap, go ahead. You are setting a good example for your children.

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