How To Deal With a Picky Eater

It is normal for preschool children to be picky eaters. They may be declaring their independence or they are not fond of trying new things. When you offer your child new food to try, be sure you are creating a relaxed, happy environment. The following tips can help you deal with your picky eater.

Keep It Casual: 

It is no secret that children may shy away from trying something when you make a big deal about it. When you are ready to introduce a new food to your child, place it on the table with everything else and leave it at that. Once she sees Mommy and Daddy eating it a few times, she may decide to try it herself.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Keep It Simple: 

Giving your preschooler too many options during dinnertime may cause her choose something familiar. Offer a mixture of new and familiar food, and let her know when dinner is ready.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Explain Nutrition: 

When you are dealing with picky eaters, you want to explain nutrition in a fun but educational way. One idea is to hang up a daily food chart, which you can draw or print out. The food on the chart should include the daily menu you have planned. Whenever she meets the requirement, place a sticker on the chart or let her color in an illustration of the food. This not only encourages her to try new things, but it encourages her to eat healthy as well.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Look For Shapes:

 One idea for introducing new food to your child is to look for good in fun shapes. You can try pasta in the shape of wheels, cucumber slices and watermelon cut into stars. The shapes and colors may encourage your child to try the food without any pressure. You can also make it a learning game by suggesting your child eat the “green circles” or the “red stars.”

How to deal with a picky eater child

Use Kid-Friendly Plates: 

Serve her meal on a plate with a picture of her favorite character or a colorful scene. She will have to clear her plate to see the picture.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Let Your Preschooler Help: 

Let your preschooler help with the food preparation whenever it is possible. This can range from helping with the vegetable garden to helping with dinner. Provide your child with familiar and new food, and let her create her own mail. She may decide she likes celery sticks and peanut butter or fruit and yogurt.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Introduce Small Portions: 

When your preschooler is ready to try a new food, just give her a small taste. Your preschooler will not be shy about asking for more if she likes it. If she does want more, just give her a small portion to prevent her from wasting food.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Wait Until She Is Hungry: 

Wait until your preschooler is hungry before introducing a new snack, such as orange slices and celery sticks. If she likes it, you can give her a little more, and you can always switch snacks if she does not like it.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Try The Food Together:  

It is important to eat the types of food you want your preschooler to eat. She will eventually follow in your footsteps. Consider making it a fun experience by seeing who can eat the most carrot sticks or mango slices. Your child will not hesitate to try to beat Mommy or Daddy at this food-eating contest.

How to deal with a picky eater child

Dealing with picky eaters does not have to be a difficult task. Your little one will not stick to the same few meals forever. Once she starts preschool, her world will expand and she will open her mind to trying different foods.

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