The Best Tips on Raising Confident Kids

Raising a confident child is all about finding the right amount of support, protection, and independence you can give him. In turn, this will help your little one become a happy and competent adult, with a positive sense of self.

Don’t over compliment

Encouraging young children while learning new skills is necessary. But constantly telling them what a good job they are doing is wrong. Children sense exaggeration and will begin to ignore compliments. When a child does something he is supposed to do (like brushing his teeth) a simple “thank you” is enough.

Give them independence

Letting children make decisions from a young age gives them confidence in their good judgment. Give this freedom carefully: a child can be overwhelmed very quickly, so it’s best to offer two or three options to choose from. It’s also important to let your kid know that some decisions are up to you. For example, your four-year-old can choose pancakes or scrambled eggs for breakfast, but piano lessons are not up for a vote.

Focus on being optimistic

Raising confident kids is about helping them get up when they feel defeated. Help them think of ways to improve the situation and move closer to their goals. If your child notices that he’s behind his classmates in reading, explain that everyone learns at different paces, and offer to spend extra time reading with him.

Don’t do everything for them

Give them space to work things out, even if it’s faster for you to do certain things for them -like getting dressed. Letting them do it for themselves helps in acquiring new skills. It’s also important to assign age-appropriate chores in the house. The responsibility will give them confidence and a sense of competence!

Promote problem-solving

Kids gain confidence when capable of negotiating getting what they want, but you must teach them how to do it. Asking them what they think is the solution to a situation is a good first step. For example, if your daughter came crying because someone took her doll, ask her what she thinks is a good way of getting it back. She might surprise you.

Spend quality time with your child

Try to schedule alone time each week with your child. Doing an activity you both enjoy is a great opportunity to talk about what's on his mind and to strengthen the bond between you.

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