The Brilliance of Bunk Beds: Space Saving Power & Style

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What’s Your #BunkBed Style? Let Us Help You Decide

We don’t know about you, but in our homes, there’s nothing but endless space to store things, especially our kids’ stuff. Luckily, there’s not too much of it.

Oh, wait. We were talking about our imaginary homes. In our actual homes, there’s laundry on the couch waiting to be put away, toys shoved haphazardly into storage cubes/strewn about the floor, and a single inexplicable soccer cleat draped lovingly on the bench by the front door. We have many things, but space is not one of them.

Some items are easy to corral. Small building materials, action figures, or art supplies can be tucked away in our colorful #PlayKitStorageBins, or kids can use them to contain messy fun like Kinetic Sand or cloud dough. Larger items like stuffed animals or blocks can find a home in our zipper-top #MessEaters monster storage bin. Complete with easy-to-hug rope arms and a big toothy grin, these monsters are the most fun way to hide the clutter (until next time).

When space is really at a premium, especially when kids are sharing a room, bunk beds can be a total lifesaver. Vertical space in bedrooms is often overlooked, and maximizing it can make a small room look much bigger. Going one step further and strategically placing the beds against a wall can free up a ton of floor space. Just make sure to anchor them with the correct hardware, of course -- or do your children not play Floor Is Lava with their furniture? Neither do our...imaginary kids.

In rooms with one child, a bunk bed can become a useful lofted space, with creative possibilities for storage. We’ve seen top bunks with storage cubes, a small chest of drawers, or even a workspace nested underneath -- prime real estate at a time when many families are navigating work-and-school-from-home arrangements. Add a desk light to avoid eye strain, and consider a curtain on a spring-loaded curtain rod (shower curtain rods can serve the same purpose, and are sometimes easier to find at the hardware store) for privacy while doing homework.

But who wants an ordinary bunk bed? Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring when children can imagine themselves traveling through time in a magic tree house or letting down their hair from the castle tower as brave Rapunzel. Our 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pine wood #TreeHouseBunkBed comes in two neutral tones to match any decor and fulfill any imaginative play theme. The lightly distressed rustic style gives it a hint of vintage flair, and the solid craftsmanship means it can stay in your family for many years to come.

Not the tree house type? No worries! Our #NestoBunkBeds are amazingly customizable for basically any decor style. Choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns, add a theme (we love #Unicorns, personally), or even personalize it with your child’s name. All of the Nesto beds have been independently tested and shown to meet or exceed US Product Safety Commission and American Society of Testing Manufacturers (ASTM) safety standards, and only use non-toxic, lead-, phthalate- and formaldehyde-free paint and sealers. This bed also has a super cool feature: it can fit a twin-sized #NestoTrundleBed underneath! Can anyone say “sleepovers”?

If you’re looking for the quality and durability of the Nesto line with a slimmer, simpler profile and a surprisingly low price, don’t miss the #LettoBunkBed line -- now at Walmart! The Letto comes in four stylish colors with a sturdy built-in ladder and railings to guarantee the same safety standards as the Nesto and Tree House beds. 

What’s your #BunkBed style? Comment below and please feel free to share pics of your sweet setup!

Written by: Melissa Holman-Kursky  •  Photo by: Gabby B

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