Trendy Colors for 2019

It’s time to start looking at colors trending for next year. Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Pantone, Vogue and even Forbes have now predicted which colors will be American’s favorites for 2019. Now, they don’t always agree with each other, but this year we have been able to identify five that all seem to have made everyone’s list.

We begin with a Taupe, that is more of a Sandy Grey with a dry pastel feel. It is a comfortable, peaceful color sure to deliver on warm and sophistication.

Next is one of our favorites, Coral. It is a fun color made for happiness yet not so bright to help keep it cool. One of our Little Readers has that exact same color.

Now we start to get into the stronger colors with Gold Curry. Think of it as a light mustard but a bit more yellow. It is a strong color but toning down the brightness gives you a beautiful earthy tone that will dress any room with elegance.

Then a rich Plum color. Similar to a Marsala but with purple undertones. It is a bold color meant to be combined with dark pinks and even fuchsia. It is an out of the box pallet for the more adventurous designer projects. We have seen some pretty great spaces designed around this color.

Last is Earth Blue, a calm, deep sea blue. Think of an old pair of blue jeans or a blue night sky.

There you have it. The 5 colors that will pop-up everywhere in 2019.

How will you use them?

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