Trick or Treat Time! 5 Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

For Halloween, you are sorting through baby Halloween costume options. Do you want to spend a lot on baby Halloween costumes at stores? Take a look at these five categories with easy, cheap examples for fun baby Halloween costumes!

5 Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

1. Food

  • Strawberry: Cut six leaf shapes out of green felt to glue to the top of a green hat. On a red body suit, draw strawberry seeds with black marker. In the bodysuit and hat, stuff with socks for plumpness. Put your baby in red pants for a finishing touch!

  • Cannoli: Pick out a white onesie for your baby. Include white pants as applicable for weather. Wrap a large piece of tan felt around the middle of the onesie with iron-on adhesive. Cut chips out of dark felt and attach with iron-on adhesive as desired.

2. Movies

  • Carl from UP: Create a three-sided square out of PVC pipes to make a walker. Cut holes in tennis balls to add to the bottom of the walker. Dress your baby in a cardigan sweater, pants, bowtie, and fake glasses. Attach different colored balloons to the back of the pants or on the side of the walker.

  • Harry Potter’s Dobby: Use tan sheet around your baby. Ensure there is enough room for movement and dress in underclothing as needed. Use a piece of tan jersey fabric to eventually tie around the back of the head for a hat. Cut four large pieces of heavy tan felt, in the shape of Dobby’s ears, using per ear. Draw in the ears with fabric marker and glue pieces together. Glue the finished ears onto the sides of the hat.

3. Animal

  • Sheep: Cut the sleeves off a white sweatshirt and clean up raw edges. Glue cotton balls all over the sweatshirt closely together. Also, glue cotton balls and a white knit hat. Cut large teardrops out of black and white felt. Glue them together for ears and attach to hat. Dress your baby in black and color their nose black.

  • Lion: Sew together the ends of a mop to form on long mop piece to sew onto the hood of a jacket, leaving an inch from the front. Using tan felt, cut half circles and smaller ones from pink felt. Glue them together to make lion ears to glue to the jacket’s hood. Two paws can be cut from the tan felt and claws can be drawn with black marker. Sew elastic to the paws to slip over ankles.  

4. Fiction

  • Charlie Brown: Use a yellow shirt or onesie with black pants. Create a zig-zag design on shirt or onesie with black felt or electrical tape. Heat-and-bond the black felt. Use eyeliner to created eyebrows and Charlie Brown’s hair on your baby. Accompany your baby with a stuffed Snoopy.

  • Dragon: Find a bodysuit with a matching pilot’s cap. Cut sponges, your color choice, into triangles. Hot glue the sponges down the back of the cap and bodysuit. Glue sponge pieces on a thick ribbon for the tail. Attach the tail to the bottom of the bodysuit with a safety pin.

5. Career

  • Football: Use a brown onesie, add pants if weather requires it. Cut strips out of the white grosgrain ribbon with scissors. Attach white grosgrain ribbon strips with Iron-on adhesive to form the design of a football on the front of the onesie.

  • Chef: With black and red fabric markers, draw the outline of a chef’s coat on a white onesie. Put the onesie on your baby and wrap a red scarf around your baby. Mini utensils can also be attached.

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