It's baby's first Christmas, and you can see the holiday through your child's eyes. You'll want lots of pictures and memories, and, of course, you'll continue traditions while starting new ones. To create a joyful moment and savor it over the years, here are some ways to keep it simple and make it perfect:

A Word About Photography

From classic snapshots to selfies with the baby, and even immersive VR and 360-degree video, there are so many ways to record the moment. Enlist a helper to use the equipment so that you can be the costars in this magical event. Memories are even better when you're a part of them!

About the Star of the Show

A special comfy chair or blanket close to the action will let baby experience everything in comfort. You can get all sorts of candid shots, from entrancement and a deep gaze at the tree to reactions of awe and glee as you deliver baby's first presents. A special set of PJs fits the occasion and personalize as a keepsake.

Speaking of Keepsakes

There are so many ways to mark baby's first Christmas. A personalized ornament, engraved picture frame hanging from the tree from this year forward, or a tiny handprint to hang are great choices. Also, consider these:

  • Animal ornament that reflects a soon-to-be-favorite stuffed animal gift 
  • Music box with soft music and movement 
  • Soft, tactile quilt with colors and pictures 
  • Personalized keepsake box 
  • Unique locket or bracelet 
  • Send Cards!

Now's your chance to be proud parents and show your baby pictures to everyone. Custom photo cards introduce your child to your world, and you might want to expand your mailing list this year to share your joy. You can use a do-it-yourself online service or engage a freelance graphic designer for a unique or classic design that's all your own.

Humor and Happiness

Visiting Santa, receiving gifts, enjoying your Christmas traditions, pet antics and more can make you smile and sigh, or laugh out loud. Remember, "outtakes" can be the pictures that you turn to again and again when something goes delightfully wrong. Everything is spontaneous on this first Christmas, so enjoy it and be at the moment for smiles to last a lifetime.

From Generation to Generation

You can start sharing your family traditions with the music you play, classic movies you always watch together, and the way you decorate the tree. In addition to what each of you brings from your own families, you can create your own traditions. Create moments from the heart, and you'll build your family's heritage.

Mindfulness Makes Memories

Keeping it simple makes baby's first Christmas memorable. One perfect gift that your child can enjoy, something soft and snuggly or fascinating and colorful, can be more important at this age than a bounty under the tree. Santa visiting is simple now, too – it's about the experience, not his list! Things will be complicated later, but right now you can just enjoy the moment.

Traveling on the Holidays

Keep it simple when traveling, too! If you haven't flown or hit the roads with a baby before, you'll tend to bring a lot more than you need. Diapers and wipes are essential, but a lot of items can be bought or laundered at your destination.

The Eyes Have It

Pause from time to time and look into each others' eyes as you celebrate, and you'll be present and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your albums and videos will bring back memories, and your experiences will be with you every day going forward from this special first Christmas.